Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

Yes, shipping charges are additional and are calculated at checkout.

Sorry, we only take prepaid orders.

Yes we ship our products globally. Shipping charges are calculated at checkout.

We take great care to ensure that your package reaches you safely. In case there's damage in transit despite our best efforts, we sincerely apologize. Please inspect your order and reach out to us within 36 hours of delivery at team@boondfragrances, so that we can evaluate the issue and make it right.

Yes, we offer additional discounts and customizations on bulk gifting orders. Please reach out to us via email on or via WhatsApp on +91 73079 53240 to learn more.

We do our best to cater to your special requests for natural fragrances. Write to us on or WhatsApp us on +91 73079 53240. We’ll get back within 72 hours.

Yes we do provide fragrances as ingredients for products such as candles, soaps etc. Please share the details of your requirements including the purpose, quantity required and budget on or WhatsApp us on +91 73079 53240. We’ll get back within 72 hours.

Our values:

  • Each of us are owners who are responsible, self driven and passionate about our work.
  • We insist on the highest standards of work, no matter what the work may be. We actively stay away from mediocrity.
  • We admit our mistakes openly. We discuss them, learn from them and limit their recurrence.
  • We actively give and take both, positive and negative feedback on our work honestly, objectively and kindly.
  • Delivering results is key to success. We define goals and we assess performance.We trust numbers and quantify as much as possible.
  • We are kind. To our customers, partners and to each other. Everyone grows as the business grows and growth doesn’t always mean competition.

If you share our values and are interested in this position, please send your resume and an expression of interest on

You can collaborate with us via बूँद | Boond Art Initiative. With this initiative, we have collaborated with artists who work across different mediums including water, oil, graphic design, photography, videography, ceramics. More details on the initiative here.

If you’re an artist who’d like to collaborate with us, write to us at We’ll get in touch!

Natural Perfume Oils (Attars) FAQs

Attars are completely pure, natural alcohol-free perfume oils. They’re made from a combination of essential oils of natural ingredients such as flowers, spices, herbs and water. At बूँद | Boond, the oils are extracted by artisans using the centuries old Deg-Bhapka method.

They typically stay for around 4-6 hours. However, this varies by fragrance type, skin type, application, room temperature, humidity etc. You can find out more on the product detail page.

Since it’s a beauty product, we don’t accept returns or exchanges. Please see our Returns Policy for more details.

You can use them by rubbing a few drops on your palm and gently dabbing on your clothes and/or by rubbing a few drops on your wrist or behind your ears.

Our perfume oils are conferred with the Geographical Indicator (G.I.) Tag by the Government of India for authentic Kannauj Perfume. The G.I. Tag is a government recognized indicator of quality and authenticity for products that have a unique geographical origin and possess qualities or a reputation that are due to that origin.

Our perfumes are completely natural and have mild and subtle notes. To those specifically seeking milder fragrances, we recommend the Maati (Petrichor) and Khusa (Vetiver) perfume oils.

Our bestsellers Maati (Petrichor), Motiya (Jasmine) and Audh (Agarwood).

All our perfumes are natural and unisex. Perfumes particularly loved by our male customers are Audh, Khusa and Maati.

Each perfume box contains a bottle of the fragrance, a cotton tester, a special handwritten poem and a custom message. Contents of our Limited Edition gift boxes may vary, please check their Inside the Box section in the product pages for more details.

Yes and we also take special requests. If you want to know the availability of any particular fragrance, please contact us via email on or via WhatsApp on +91 73079 53240.

 Natural Incense Cones (Dhoop) FAQs

Place the cone on the clay holder with the flat base down. Light the tip until it catches the flame briefly and blow it out after a few seconds. The cone will smolder and release the fragrance.

Each box comes with 25 incense cones, a handmade clay holder, a special poem and a handwritten note. We will be happy to customize the note and gift wrap the product for you on request.

The burn time of each cone is 30-35 mins per cone, this may vary based on wind and weather conditions.

Sorry, we don’t accept returns or exchanges. Please see our Returns Policy for more details.

Bulk Gifting FAQs

Yes, we ship our products for bulk gifting outside India. You can contact us via email on or via WhatsApp on +91 73079 53240 with your requirements, we’ll be happy to assist.

Yes, we offer additional discounts for bulk gifting orders. You can contact us to know more.

For the special occasion/event, we can:

  • Customize the message and poem inside each box. 
  • Customize the packaging such as to include a name/date/logo at an additional charge for large orders
  • Add additional custom elements to your gift on request such as roli/chawal, sandal powder, handmade paper diaries, handmade paper frames and more. 

Please contact us to know more.

Yes, most of our products are ready-to-ship. The shipping time may increase for orders of higher quantity and for orders with requests for customization.

Yes, we’d love to go the extra mile to make the gift extra special for your loved ones/work family. Some additional elements that we’ve added to the gifts on request in the past include roli-chawal, sandalwood powder, handmade paper diaries, handmade paper frames and more. Please contact us to know more.

This varies by the quantity and customization required. We will share this with you at the time of order confirmation.

Stockist and Stores FAQs

Drop us a line with the details on, we’ll get back to you. You can find more about our past collaborations from here.

Please share the details and contact information on, we’ll get back to you.

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