Boond Fragrances माटी | Maati (Petrichor)

from Rs. 1,449.00

EARTHY AND WOODY FRAGRANCE: The बूंँद | Boond Maati(Petrichor), the goodly smell of first rain on dry ground (gilli mitti ki khushboo). ALCOHOL-FREE, NATURAL & PURE: The fragrance is completely...


Boond Fragrances मोतिया | Motiya (Jasmine)

from Rs. 1,399.00

The magical fragrance of Jasmine that blooms on Indian summer nights. Pure handcrafted fragrance with no alcohol. Apply directly on the skin/dab it on the clothing.   A box will contain...


Boond Fragrances लाव्य | Lavya (Lavender)

from Rs. 1,449.00

The fresh and gentle fragrance of Kashmiri Lavender. A dreamy, much loved fragrance, its delicate fresh and light floral notes will transport you to beautiful places. A pure handcrafted fragrance with no alcohol....

Boond Fragrances संदली | Sandali (Sandalwood) Limited Edition Box

from Rs. 1,449.00

The luxurious and comforting fragrance of Sandalwood A timeless, much loved fragrance. Its distinctive woody and earthy notes make it an instant favorite across generations  Gentle notes to instantly transport you to a...

Boond Fragrances सतपर्णी | Satparni (Saptaparni Tree)

from Rs. 1,449.00

This magical fragrance is distilled from the Saptaparni tree that blooms across India in the winter months of October to December. A pure handcrafted fragrance with no alcohol. Apply directly...

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